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Jiangsu Zhixin Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. adopts the advanced production technology and formulation of Mitsubishi Chemical Co., Ltd., a famous Japanese chemical enterprise. It specializes in producing a new generation of PO coatings with high standard and high technology content, EVA anti-fog film, anti-fog film, high-end anti-aging special film, endurance fluidized dysprosium film and various special-purpose films. The products such as T-film can meet the different needs of farmers'friends.
Professional production of high standards, high-tech content of the new generation of PO coating film, EVA defogging film, Defogging。
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The company recruits agricultural film agents and distributors of Dongjiangsu Zhixin Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. all over the country.

The company has 12 sets of the world's most advanced agricultural film blowing equipment...
Over the years, Jiangsu Zhixin has provided fast and convenient services for the vast...
Jiangsu Zhixin has established a perfect after-sales service system and established...
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